Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Naughty or maybe just a little Curious

My mom gave me great advice about Kendall being naughty. Take a deep breath, then grab the camera, you'll laugh about it later. Its usually not funny at the time, especially when I'm cleaning acrylic paint out of my parents carpet thinking oh shiz please please come out. Finding all these pictures really made me laugh thinking of the memories that came with them.
Not really naughty just a little curious. He was 10 months old, we would tell him no and he would just look up at us and give us a cheesy grin.

He was throwing laundry soap everywhere, and ate a little bit. He was not very happy after he ate it. haha

Anytime there is water near he's not just walking, but running as fast as his little legs will take him.

This is not the first or last time this has happened. Marker and crayon have appeared on other non paper items as well my dads computer screen (ouch) , walls, etc...

Not naughty, but hilarious! My dad dressed him this day. Oskers shorts make great short shorts

Cute, but notice the background mess. This happens anytime the game room closet at my parents is open

He just put a mustache on Osker. This is a perfect picture of his face after he's been mischievous

Second or maybe third time this has happened

Finger nail polish, I didn't get a picture of the cars he painted as well

I've learned through these past 2 yrs 9 months that if he's being quiet he's usually getting into something. That a minute with my back turned is enough time to make a huge mess. That it's better to have him help me clean up the mess than get mad about it. It may take him a time or two before he won't do it again, but he is learning. That for every mess (frustration) there are a hundred adorable, sweet, cuddly moments that counter act it. Seriously look at that sweet face, its impossible to stay frustrated when he tells you sorry, then gives you a big hug and kiss.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween was a blast this year! After looking at least a hundred costumes online Kendall picked Woody and would not budge. Osker was a cute little owl.
Kendall was sick last year so we only made it to the trunk or treat in our ward building, sort of lame to have a bunch of people lined up and just hand you candy. This year we decided to skip our ward trunk or treat and go to my parents. Kendall loved it! He was cracking up at everyones costumes and totally jazzed that everyone was giving him candy. We were cracking up at him , if anyone had more than one piece of candy in their hand he would take it. They would just laugh and tell him he was cute enough to have two pieces.

I love his expression in this picture, he was totally confused by his mask. Right after this picture kendall started laughing at him.

After trunk or treat we headed to Rick and Cindy's neighborhood.

His best friend Payton, we didn't plan for them to match.

For Kendalls costume I didn't want to buy a woody outfit he could never use again. We bought the shirt and boots at Gymboree, the wranglers at calranch, an accesory pack with a hat, vest ( which looked like a rectangle with holes at first), star badge, and bandana. I hated the plastic hat that came with the accesory pack so Rick and Cindy picked up a hat at down town disney while they were there. I didn't get a picture of the vest before, but it was terrible! I gave the front shape, trimmed the sides, added a draw string, and sewed around the edges.

Oskers costume idea came from Martha Stewart. The wings would have been huge so I made the wing pattern smaller. The instructions have you iron the wings, but I decided to sew the lines instead. They had a pilot hat, but I didn't have time to order one so I bought a regular baby hat from walmart, cut it to the right shape, sewed it on the machine, then folded it under and then blanket stitched it.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today my dad turned 61! I can't imagine what those eyes have seen in all those years. I hope when I'm 61 I can be as compassionate as my dad. I've never met anyone who is as willing to help a person in need as him. Example... two days ago my tire was flat and I was running super late. He dropped everything and came to the rescue. He brought a can of goop to fill my tire then ran to leshwab to get the bead put back in, without me even asking. I don't know what I would do without him.
Cheering after they blew the candle out, oh and my first pumpkin pie was delicious!

Easy peasy birthday banner

Kendall munched on pumpking while we cut!

Ace from Kiss

Jack Skelington

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baby Osker

Osker Rick Nielson
May 12th 2010
9.1 Ibs 19 In

Two weeks before Osker was born I went into false labor, every day I would have regular contractions for at least an hour usually more. Dr. Allred gave me specific instructions when to go in, contractions lasting 5 minutes apart for an hour. A week before his due date at ten p.m. we dropped Kendall off let him know he was going to have a baby brother the next time he saw us, and headed to the hospital. After two hours of monitoring the contractions stopped, and I was sent home. I had the same style of contractions every night for two hours for a week and two days. My due date came and went, my new instructions for going to the hospital were contractions every 3 minutes for an hour. Two days after his due date I fell asleep with contractions lasting every five minutes. At four thirty in the morning I couldn't sleep through them any longer I was so excited! Finally this baby was going to come. We packed Kendall and dropped him off at my parents house again. We arrived at the hospital at five thirty a.m. My contractions were stronge and close together, but Osker hadn't decended yet. They had me walk up and down the halls to keep my contractions stronge and hopefully get him to move farther down. No luck around eight they sent us home again.
Three days overdue Dr. Evans decided an inductions was in place, I was scheduled for the next day Wednesday the 12th at 6 a.m. He sent me home with all the paper work and instructions to come in if my contractions were two minutes apart for and hour. I was jazzed, finally we were going to meet our sweet baby. My nesting instinct hit hard I cleaned and already spotless house, and put together his changing table. (with lots of help from kendall) Cody came home and made me relax. At eight that night I was starting my normal contractions five minutes apart then they started to progress to every two minutes, after two and a half hours we decided it was time. We made our way to the hospital, after checking, monitoring, walking, monitoring again they finally admitted us! Osker still wasn't descending at a fast enough pace, so they started a pitocin drip.
I love the birthing center at Madison everything is calm and quiet. Midnight came and the anasteologist wanted to go home so it was now or never for an epideral. I was able to manage the pain, but remembered trying to suffer through pitocin with kendall and opted for an epideral. Finally I was able to sleep poor Cody tried to sleep in a rock hard chair till morning. It was a restless night between my monitor going off for no reason, and the nurses coming in and out. At seven the nurses checked and he still hadn't descended finally they decided to empty my bladder, within minutes he had dropped almost into place. Dr. Barton made his way in and I started pushing. Cody and I were basically on our own between the doctor talking on his cell phone, and the nurse chit chatting with my mom. I would look to Cody to tell me when it was time to push and at 8:39 a.m. after ten minutes of pushing Osker Rick Nielson was here!

He was absolutley beautiful, I love the moment when they hand your warm soft baby. Everything was perfect in that moment!
Grandmpa Rick Nielson

My dad brought Kendall up an hour after he was born, he was so cute with him. I hope their always the best of friends.

I love his little dimple chin and the one on his his right cheek!
He really is such a sweet baby, his little personality is already starting to show. At four days he was already sleeping through the night. It's been amazing watching the relationship between Kendall and Osker grow. Since his birth they have a bond thats been so fun to watch grow. I hope they are always the very best of friends. Kendall runs in every morning and asks where his baby is, if he's crying he'll rub his head and tell him it's ok baby don't be sad.
Since birth Osker had been such a strong baby, the day he was born he was already holding his head up. Now at five months he can almost sit, with a little help pull himself up. I love every stage the warm snuggily stage at birth, starting to smile and respond, and now laughing playing with toys, and screaming with delight. I'm so blessed to be Osker and Kendalls mom I'm grateful for every smile, cuddle, and minute spent with them.